I had a tutorial with David Callow, I only had my initial ideas and not a lot to show, I wanted to check some technical problems to do with referencing footage from the documentary and wether this would be allowed. I was thinking of rotoscoping some of the footage but wasn't sure on the rules of copyright.
Here is what was on my tutorial form:

-Idea: following him, using film from the documentary or animating what he is talking about.
-Get going and refine along the way.
-Situation - illustration of the content, illuminating.
-You can use the footage but need to get permission, it wont be a problem if you are not selling it. More about morals, try and source things yourself when possible.
-Maybe try using different references not just the one if your doing it on what he is talking about rather than him, make it a proposal for the show.
-Supporting the documentary
-Copyright for educational use. look into this.

i found this tutorial very helpful and it has given me the boost to get on with story boarding more ideas and start animating.


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