This is the video I had for the crit, it is still a work in progress a product of me playing with after effects. Here it is :

Test for Title Sequence from Vicky Yates on Vimeo.

This video is showing the solar system, that I created in Illustrator and then imported into photoshop.

Solar System Trial from Vicky Yates on Vimeo.

This a test sequence for the transition between the solar system and the sea, i think the fade works well but all the different elements are on the screen for too long and the movements are too slow.

This is the stop motion that I made in Photoshop to create the birds flying over the sea. I created the basic vector shapes in illustrator then imported them into photoshop where I layered up the ink textures. I gave this video a red back ground so that i could use the keying feature in after effects to blank out the background.

Here is some of the feedback I received during the crit:

Positive aspect-

-Watching the documentary
-Research and subject knowlege
-Research into film and general animation
-Birds are effective
-Transitions in the story board
-Creative transitions
-Having a direct context
-Consideration of the length on context
-Clear planning
-Good textures

Areas for improvement and further consideration-

-Content/Visuals for animation
-Refer to learning agreement
-Be confident
-Think about setting a time limit for animation
-Soundtrack/ Making you own music
-Add more layer create depth
-Consider the audience
-Colour palette
-More layers in the compositions.

After having my crit I have realized that I need to have a lot more things going on in my animation to make it entertaining, there cant be any points in the animation where there is an object not moving. Any movements need to be quick and be there for a reason.


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