This title sequence that has been created by Kuntzel and Deygas . These titles are quite long at 2.33 and tell you a lot about the narrative of the film, the only thing that you don't get an idea of is the ending, this is something that I should keep in mind when creating my title sequence. I only want to give a taste of what is to come. The thing that has inspired me most from this particular title sequence is the way that Kuntzel and Deygas have created transitions from each scene and the way that they have created a different colour scheme for each scene to transition into. I especially like the part where the plane flies across to reveal the roads. I also think that the textures used for the characters work very well. I also enjoy the way that the typography is incorporated into some of the imagery.

These titles have been created by Danny Yount This sequence also has the most inventive transitions but I also like the hand made look in contrast with very sleek vector art. There is also a text sequence towards the end which I think works very effectively. Kinetic type is something that I would like to work with within my animation and also using hand made textures.

The Casino Royale titles where created by Daniel Kleinman
This shows how much things have to be going on at once to keep it entertaining again the soundtrack works well with the animation and has timed movements something which helps the music tie in with the animation.


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