Having mostly looked at film titles which have to perform a slightly different role to documentary titles I decided to analyze a few.

"How To Live Forever" - title sequence from Pastilla Studio on Vimeo.

Make Me White - BBC Title Sequence from Chris Randall/Second Home Studio on Vimeo.

I have sent Hello Charlie an email but I have yet to receive a reply. Here is the email I sent them

To whom it may concern

I am currently a second year student studying Illustration at The Arts University College at Bournemouth. The unit I am presently working on involves me creating a title sequence for a BBC documentary.
I have come across your work for the documentary series Decade of Discovery whilst researching and I would be grateful if you could answer a few of my questions:

· Did you have access to the finished documentary?

· Were there any requirements of the title sequence?

· Were you given an outline / storyboard to work to or did you have free reign?

· Was the music used supplied to you before hand?

· How long were you given to complete it?

Kind Regards
Vicky Yates


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