Saul Bass- Notes from Bass on Titles DVD

-Audience involvement should begin with the first frame.
-Create a climate for the story to unfold.
-Content. key issues, keep it simple and direct.
-Set the stage symbolically for what is to come.
-Title length, needs to deal with relationship with the film- holds information.
-Title acts as the prolog, big part of the story telling process.
- Deals with an ordinary thing that we know so well we seise to see them, dealing with them in such away that allows us to understand them again.
-Making the ordinary extraordinary.
-Intensification of a single moment.

This is the title sequence for Anatomy of a Murder. I feel very inspired by Saul Bass, the simple graphics mixed with great timing have made this sequence very successful. This is definitely a case of 'Less is More'. I have learnt that sleek graphics and good composition can create something incredibly intense and music can have almost as much or even more of effect on the viewer as the animation.


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