During the previous unit, narrative, we were lucky enough to have a showing of one of the paper cinemas shows. We had to get through inches of snow to get there but it was well worth it. Their shows are made up of fantastic illustrations turned into puppets which are filmed and then projected this is accompanied by live music.
Video filmed by Ed White
This is footage from a work shop that took place after the showing where we got to make our own animations in groups, we had the afternoon to come up with a storyline and create the puppets. This was a fantastic experience and a really valuable. The animation that we ended up with wasn't that successful as we created to many puppets and to many small items. This work shop took the fear away from creating an animation.

Photographs taken by Sojung Kim
Throughout the narrative unit and the beginning of the convergence divergence unit, I was involved in helping Nick Rawling with making the puppets for their new production The Odyssey. This was again a really valuable experience as we had the chance to see his process of working, the way he storyboards and inside his sketchbooks.